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We are particularly interested in news and comments from climate scientists and other professionals with demonstrable subject expertise working in the climate science sector as well as from those working in the fields of climate policy and energy policy. We also welcome press releases and news from research organisations, universities, businesses, non-government organisations and government agencies. We do not have an “editorial line” and we encourage debate so all shades of opinion are welcome. We do not pay for submitted content.

Content should be relevant and within the subject areas covered by It should be well written, free from jargon and errors, consistent with the style of and contain no bad language or inappropriate material. Articles should be as brief as possible – ideally, with a 500 word maximum although we will consider longer pieces where the nature of the subject matter warrants. British English is preferred although we do allow US English spellings as these are widely used throughout the scientific community. We recommend you follow the Telegraph Style Book.

All sources for information must be acknowledged and stated. Content must be legal and must not contain libels or contain illegal material or illegal statements. Content should be original and should not include copyrighted material unless you have permission from the copyright owner. Content must not include plagiarised material. And, with the exception of press releases and reports of research publications, content should not consist of material that has appeared or will appear elsewhere.

All articles must include at least one relevant high quality image cropped to 777 x 437px. All submitted images should should have a ratio of width to height of 1.78. You must either own the copyright of an image or have permission from the copyright owner to publish the image without charge in and all associated media including our newsletter and social media posts. You must provide a caption for each picture you upload and this should be placed at the end of the text of your submission. Your caption must credit each image either to you or to copyright owner.

By submitting content you are agreeing that you have the right to offer this content for publication and that the copyright of that content will reside with with the exception of images where the copyright resides with a third party that has agreed to allow publication on this site and our associated media.

In addition to the information captured by the form below, you must state within the text of your submitted article your full details including your full name and affiliation, email address and contact telephone number – we will not publish articles otherwise. These details will be removed prior to publication.

The content will be submitted as a draft for review and editing. We reserve the right to sub-edit, correct, amend or rewrite all submitted content although in the case of major revision we would normally seek to check back with the author. Submission does not guarantee publication.

But making sure that your content is interesting and well written makes publication much more likely!

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