A message from the editor

Our mission is to provide independent news on climate science  and climate policy.

Our editorial proposition is simple: we are dedicated to fair and accurate reporting of the facts of climate science, developments in climate research and the views of climate scientists and climate policymakers. We have no editorial line on the politics of climate science as we believe that scientific research speaks for itself and that the climate is driven by the laws of physics and not by political beliefs.

reportingclimatescience.com was set up in 2010 with the aim of reporting on the latest research in climate science. Most of this research is consistent with the mainstream consensus on climate change; but some is not. We publish our reports irrespective of the implications they may have in the so-called climate debate and of whether or not they may support any particular point of view. And we allow our readers to freely discuss and debate the issues raised by our reports – whatever their views about the climate.

reportingclimatescience.com is owned by iExpon Limited, a small UK privately owned business, and all reportingclimatescience.com’s revenues come from on-site advertising via the Google Adsense programme. The site is built, hosted and maintained by Accentika Internet  – a UK-based IT, web and Ecommerce specialist.

A lot of hard work is being done by climate scientists around the world to help us to get a better understanding of the climate. We see our role as helping to share that emerging understanding. I hope that you find our service useful.

Leon Clifford