PDO Flips

Sea Ice

Solar Decline

First direct measurement
finds more geothermal
heat than expected here
Pacific Decadal Oscillation
may have flipped to
warming phase here
Study finds Arctic sea
ice more resilient
than thought here
Astronomers predict
rapid activity fall
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Models Understimate Eurasian Carbon Sink Says Study


Climate models disagree on strength of carbon land sink across northern Eurasia. Climate scientist says models underestimate region's sequestration[more]

Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Corn Belt Underestimated


Emissions of a major US corn belt greenhouse gas source has been underestimated, says study[more]

Younger Dryas Cosmic Impact Event Dated


At the end of the Pleistocene period, approximately 12,800 years ago­ — give or take a few centuries — a cosmic impact triggered an abrupt cooling episode that earth scientists refer to as the Younger Dryas[more]

Study Finds Long Term Solar Cycle And Predicts Cooling


Persistent long term oscillations in solar activity over periods of around 9,500 years have been identified in a new study which predicts a decline in total solar irradiance for the rest of this century which may have a cooling...[more]

Data Study Says Oceans Warming Faster Than Thought


By applying four different adjustments to historic ocean heat content data, researchers suggest that since 1970 the upper 700-meter water layer temperature has increased approximately 0.3°C and is in line with model forecasts[more]

Scientists Link Earlier Melting Of Snow To Dark Aerosols


Snow darkening due to aerosols is found to produce significant surface warming over broad areas in midlatitudes, with dust being the most important contributor to the warming in central Asia and the western Himalayas, according...[more]

Blocking Pattern Heatwaves Make Europe Sweat


Stable high-pressure systems can lead to summer heatwaves – such as the one Europe is currently experiencing. The phenomenon is caused by the blocking of low pressure areas. ETH meteorologists are now shedding new light on the...[more]

CO2 Exceeded 400ppm Again In June


Data from NOAA shows that the seasonally adjusted concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceed 400 parts per million in June for the fourth month in a row[more]

El Nino Continues To Strengthen Says BoM


El Nino continues to develop with sea surface temperatures in some areas reaching 3C above seasonal average levels. Weakened or reversed trade winds have resulted in further warming over much of the tropical Pacific Ocean, says...[more]

NOAA Reports Warmest 12 Month Period Ever Recorded


June was the warmest June recorded and the 12 month period to end-June was the warmest 12 month period recorded, according to NOAA's new "pause-buster" dataset[more]

Study Says Warming Slow-Down Is Climate Pause


A detailed study of more than 200 years’ worth of temperature data backs previous findings that the pause in global warming is simply the result of natural variability[more]

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