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Global warming hiatus
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Arctic sea ice reaches
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Two key Southern Ocean
carbon sink studies
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NASA: September Surface Temperature Anomaly +0.81C


September 2015 was the second warmest September in the global surface temperature record maintained by US space agency NASA[more]

Paleo Research Connects Carbon Cycles And Climate Trends


Carbon cycling research can help scientists predict global warming and cooling trends [more]

Greenland's Ice Sheet Plumbing System Revealed


Pioneering new research sheds light on the impact of climate change on subglacial lakes found under the Greenland ice sheet[more]

Could ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Happen?


A collapse of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) leads to global cooling through fast feedbacks that selectively amplify the response in the Northern Hemisphere. New research investigates how such cooling...[more]

River Sediment Reveals Climate History Surprise


Unexpected information about Earth's climate history comes from an examination of Yellow River sediment [more]

RSS: Atmospheric Temperatures High In September


Global atmospheric temperatures remained elevated during September, according to satellite data analysed by RSS[more]

Filchner-Ronne Ice Flow Constant Says Study


Research into sea-level rise from Filchner-Ronne ice shelf in Antarctica shows that in this area the ice flow into the ocean increases constantly with the heat provided by the ocean over time[more]

Research Assesses Impact Of Teleconnections


A study has used advanced mathematical tools in an unprecedented analysis of data from thousands of air pressure measurements. The aim is to investigate teleconnections and help distinguish coincidence from causality in the...[more]

Satellites Report High Tropical Air Tempertures


Atmospheric temperatures in the tropics averaged 0.55C warmer than seasonal norms in September, according to satellite data, making it the warmest September in the tropics since satellite measurements began[more]

NSIDC Data: September Arctic Sea Ice Fourth Lowest


Arctic sea ice extent in September was the fourth lowest for any September since satellite measurements began in 1979[more]

Fossil Sea Shells Reveal Climate Secret Of Pangea


New research finds no evidence for strong monsoonal variations in temperature or rainfall on the mega continent of Pangea[more]

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