CO2 400ppm



Natural variability
plays a bigger role
than thought here
Seasonally adjusted
CO2 levels hit 400ppm
in March says NOAA here
Warm blob last year
caused by reduced
heat loss here
Evidence found of
positive feedbacks
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Greenland Darkening To Continue Predicts Scientist


Global warming means the Greenland ice sheet will continue to darken, expert Marco Tedesco tells a conference[more]

Natural Variability: Bigger Role In Antarctic Than Thought


New analysis by German physicists shows that the uncertainties in the temperature trends over Antarctica are larger than previously estimated. The role of natural temperature variability in Antarctic climate change has been...[more]

Seasonally Adjusted CO2 Exceeds 400ppm For First Time


Global average seasonally adjusted atmospheric carbon dioxide levels exceeded 400 ppm in March for the first time[more]

Rapid Climate Change Seen In Ancient Records


Changes in marine ecosystems thousands of years ago suggest that rapid global climate changes occurred in the past, says research[more]

Wind Bursts Strongly Affect El Nino Severity


Study suggests El Nino predictions could be improved by considering westerly wind bursts[more]

Research Casts Doubt On Iceberg Armada Cooling Theory


Previous studies have suggested that pulses of icebergs may have caused cycles of abrupt climate change but new research says they were probably not the cause of abrupt episodes of cooling in the North Atlantic over the past...[more]

NASA: March 2015 Was Third Warmest March


Surface temperatures were warmer than seasonal norms in March across North America, northern Europe, Eurasia, China and the Arctic, according to NASA data, which pushed up the global surface temperature anomaly [more]

March Arctic Sea Ice Extent Lowest In Satellite Era


Arctic sea ice extent for March 2015 averaged 14.39 million square kilometers - the lowest on record. It was 60,000 square kilometers (or less than one per cent) below the previous record low for the month observed nearly a...[more]

UAH Reports March Global Temperature Anomaly: 0.26C


Global atmospheric temperatures in March were 0.26C above the long term average, according to data released by the University of Alabama in Huntsville[more]

RSS: March Global Temperature Anomaly 0.26C


RSS reports global average temperature anomaly for the lower troposphere in March 2015 was 0.26C[more]

Most Western Canadian Glaciers To Melt By 2100


Warming temperatures are threatening glaciers in Western Canada but not all are retreating at the same rate, says study[more]

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