Europe can get two
bad winters in a row
due to the Atlantic here
This thinning Eurasian
ice cap is sliding faster
into the sea here
Carbon sequestration may
not work says new
research from MIT here
Greenland Ice Sheet
winter growth up
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First Map Of Greenland Ice Sheet Layers


A 3-D view of the Greenland Ice Sheet opens a window on ice history[more]

Climate Models Disagree On Why Temperature 'Wiggles' Occur


Most computer climate models underestimate the magnitude of unforced variability at the longest periods, according to research. Inconsistencies may undermine a model's reliability for projecting decade-to-decade warming and lead...[more]

Atlantic Causes Extreme Winters To Hit Europe In Pairs


Research suggests the Atlantic Ocean plays a role in preserving atmospheric conditions over a long time allowing extreme winters to hit northwest Europe two years running[more]

Thinning Eurasian Arctic Ice Cap Slides Into The Ocean


Satellite data reveals significant ice loss over the last two decades from a formerly slow-flowing, marine-based sector of Austfonna, in the Svalbard archipelago, the largest ice cap in the Eurasian Arctic, leading to a rapid...[more]

NOAA Explains How Kelvin Waves Affect El Nino


During December and January an upwelling Kelvin wave has cooled the Pacific reducing the chances of an El Nino Pacific Ocean warming event. Here is a slightly edited version of a blog from NOAA's website that explains how Kelvin...[more]

Antarctic Drillers Make New Discoveries


A layer of pebbles strewn on the bottom of the seawater cavity under the Whillans Ice Stream offers clues to how the Ross Ice Shelf might collapse. The drill team also discovered a new ecosystem under the ice.[more]

Two Lakes Beneath Greenland Ice Vanish In Weeks


Mysterious sub-glacial lakes in Greenland build up over years—then suddenly drain away, say researchers. [more]

Carbon Sequestration May Not Work Says Study


Plans to store carbon dioxide in the rocks may be on shaky ground, according to research from MIT scientists. This study finds a natural impediment to the long-term sequestration of carbon dioxide[more]

Models Predict Warming Will Accelerate Greenland Melt


Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet due to global warming poses a risk to sea levels and, according to computer model experiments, the more the Earth warms then the faster the ice will melt[more]

Intense Snowstorms Add Mass To Antarctic Ice Sheet


Extreme weather systems dumped a significant mass of snow on East Antarctica in both 2009 and 2011 adding to Antarctica’s ice sheet and offsetting some of the losses due to climate change, according to research[more]

Greenland's Ice Sheet Winter Growth Above Average


Ice is accumulating on Greenland at a faster rate than average, according to the latest data. This follows a dramatic slow down in the melt rate observed last summer and may be evidence of greater than expected variability in the...[more]

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