Ice Age

New sunspot analysis
questions solar activity
climate change link here
Long term cooling trend
in pre-industrial
ocean temperatures here
Experiments raise
doubts on ancient sea
temperatures here
Snowball Earth
had inter-glacials
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August Saw Faster Rate Of Arctic Sea Ice Melt


Arctic sea ice extent in August was the fourth lowest on record but was in line with the levels seen in the last decade[more]

New Approach For Modeling Amazon Seasonal Cycles


Engineers resolve the seasonality of the hydrologic cycle in the Amazon using an approach, opposite to general circulation models, in which they resolve convection and parameterize large-scale circulation as a function of the...[more]

Strongest El Nino Since 97/98 Says BoM


Latest reports from Australia's weather service indicate that ongoing El Nino is the strongest since the record-breaking event seen in 1997/1998 and that it will persist into next year[more]

“Gray Swan” Tropical Cyclones Put Coastal Cities At Risk


Rare but predictable storms could pose big hazards to coastal cities not previously seen as being at risk, according to a new study[more]

NSIDC Reveals Prototype Sea Ice Concentration Data


New technique for estimating sea ice concentration in the Arctic Ocean improves short-term sea ice edge location forecasts[more]

Experiments Query Historic Ocean Temperature Analysis


Lab experiments question popular measure of ancient ocean temperatures. Oxygen concentration variations confound historic sea surface temperature measurements based on sediment-entombed bodies of marine archaea [more]

Study Highlights Impact Of Antarctic Circumpolar Current


Researchers show how the formation of Earth’s mightiest ocean current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, 30 million years ago coincided with major changes in global ocean circulation and probably contributed to the lower...[more]

NASA: City Vegetation Limits Urban Warming


According to a new NASA study that makes the first assessment of urbanization impacts for the entire continental US, the presence of vegetation is an essential factor in limiting urban heating[more]

Snowball Earth Had Interglacial Periods


New research sheds light on end of Snowball Earth period indicating that there were glacial–interglacial cycles[more]

Drought Stalks Europe Says European Research Centre


Europe hit by one of the worst droughts since 2003, according to JRC report[more]

Greenhouse Gases Caused Glacial Retreat In Last Ice Age


Researcher claims it was only the increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that could have caused the loss of glaciers around the world at the same time at the end of the last ice age[more]

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