NASA: Antarctic ice
mass gains exceed
ice mass losses here
WMO reports ozone
hole has grown
this year here
Temperature data is
robust says Kevin
Cowtan here
Cloud study: weaker
Walker circulation
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Global Climate Regime Shifted In 1980s Says Research


A 'regime shift’, in the Earth’s biophysical systems, from the upper atmosphere to the depths of the ocean and from the Arctic to Antarctica, occurred around 1987 linked to the El Chichón volcanic eruption in Mexico five years...[more]

Global Growth In CO2 Emissions Stagnates


A new report claims that the rate of growth in global CO2 emissions has fallen and indeed, stalled. The report does not explain how this links to the continuing increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations[more]

Study: No Substantive Evidence For Pause


There is no substantive evidence for a ‘pause’ or ‘hiatus’ in global warming and the use of those terms is therefore inaccurate, claims a review of 40 scientific papers by researchers from the University of Bristol. If current...[more]

Lake Methane Emission Warming Feedback Reported


Detailed measurements reveal a clear pattern of greater methane emissions from lakes at higher temperatures, according to a new study[more]

Carbon Sequestration By Lakes Has Increased Says Study


Research shows remote lakes are affected by warming climate [more]

Extreme Heatwaves May Hit Europe In The Short Term


A new paper analyses the top ten European heatwaves since 1950 and estimates their occurrence in the coming decades[more]

Ice Age Frost Drove Rapid Erosion Says Study


Sediment buried in Oregon Coast Range points to a frosty past, according to new research. A frost-cracking process, rather than rainfall, likely drove the rapid erosion[more]

Can Paris Pledges Avert Severe Climate Change?


Paris emissions reduction pledges reduce risks of severe warming, Science study shows[more]

UHI Study Shows Temperature Variation Across City


New urban heat island study shows surprising variation in air temperatures across the Twin Cities. Results provide valuable insights into efforts to reduce heat-related harm in metro areas globally[more]

Study: Ocean Warming Worsened Australian Floods


Long-term warming of the Indian and Pacific oceans played an important role in increasing the risk of the kind of devastating fatal floods that struck Australia in 2010/2011, says research[more]

Pacific Dead Zones Linked To Past Warming Events


Low-oxygen ‘dead zones’ in North Pacific linked to past ocean-warming events [more]

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